Prof. Dr. Kushendra Bahadur Mahat, PhD Patron


Dr. Mahat has multi dimensional skill, knowledge and experience of business institutions, academic sectors, and I/NGOs. He has been contributing as managerial and leading role to different sectors i.e. Business, social and Academic Institutions of national and international repute. He is an expert member of Karnali Province nominated by province cabinet, Founder Chairperson of Sher-Laxmi Memorial Trust, former Chairperson of Kirdarc Nepal, Member of Mixed Methods International Research Association, and visiting Professor of Sikkim professional University, Sikkim.

Mr. Milan Chandra Mahat (MBA, MA) Managing Director


Young leader to change society through application of the technologies, innovation and research to change the livelihoods of the citizen in Nepal. This is possible with the small changes in daily life styles of working approaches, food habit and establishing small, medium and big production houses and factories based on local agricultural and natural resources.

“All humans are entrepreneurs not because they should start companies but because the will to create is encoded in human DNA.”

– Reid Hoffman, co-founder LinkedIn